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Chop it Up

By The Vegan Vibe

I don't know about you, but I can only eat a salad that's chopped up.

Nothing is worse than eating a whole leaf that's bigger than your mouth and trying to stuff it in. When it's chopped, you can get all the delicious additions in one bite. Why can't every restaurant just do this? And why does the waiter look at me likeI have two heads whenI asked for it chopped? Didn't the cooks learn that in cooking school? Seems pretty basic to me.

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Guess what I'm eating for lunch? Raw Kale Salad (sprinkled with blackberries, strawberries, and green onions) from Plum Market with Balsamic Fig dressing. But before that, I got in an arm workout cutting it up with my plastic silverware.Whole Foods Market has a really good RawKale salad which is a more simple recipe witholive oil and fresh lemon juice. They also sprinkle pine nuts and cherry tomatoes but again they shouldomit the tomatoes orcut themin half as that'smore work for me before Ieat. I'm in a takeout tizzy, I tell ya.


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