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Open Space House Design in Villeta, Colombia

Theopen space housedesign is now become a new trend in housing design. There are more and more stunning open space house designs that created each day. There are thousands of superb open space house designs that you can find right now and one of them is this incredible open space house design in Villeta. This place is located exactly 100 km from Bogota, the capital of Colombia. This amazing open space house design is created by Arquitectura en Estudio as one of the best design studios in Colombia right now. The great thing about this beautiful open space house design is the blur between the interior and exterior design.

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Open Space House: The Structural Design

There many things that we can discuss related to this outstanding open space house design and one of them is the structural design. The design stricture of this wonderful open space house design plays an important role in the floor plan. Well, the structure design is basically include in the floor plan and since the floor plan is created by using open space setting, the design of this awesome open space house design presented that way. There are a lot of doors and windows that you will find in this open space house design.

Open Space House: The Setting

The other things of this perfect open space house design that make it so beautiful is indeed the setting. The open space setting that apply in this house create a blur are where you will find yourself difficult to recognize whether you are in the inner part of the house or in the outer part. That is what makes this adorable open space house design so special, the no boundaries setting.

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