8 Ways to Maximise Space in a Small Kitchen

How To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger The majority of homeowners in the UK know that space is at a premium in the kitchen. Whether an older Victorian terrace or a modern city apartment, square footage is squeezed to the max and invariably, the kitchen is the one area to suffer from a lack…
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New Kitchen vs Kitchen Transformation – Which is Best?

Weigh Up the Pro & Cons of Both Kitchen Options Everyone reaches a point when they realise their kitchen no longer works for them. In most cases, it’s outdated, tired looking or has simply become damaged through wear and tear over the years. The end conclusion tends to be - a new kitchen is needed.…
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How to choose the right style doors for your kitchen

Whether you’re getting a brand new fully fitted kitchen or a stylish makeover with made-to-measure replacement doors, your new kitchen will be a sizeable investment, one that means you’ll need to take time to make the right decision. One of the hardest choices is deciding on the style of kitchen doors you want to install.…
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How to give your kitchen a makeover on a budget

7 Simple Ways to Transform any Tired Kitchen No matter the size of your budget, the cost of replacing an entirely brand new kitchen is a sizeable investment. When you take into consideration to cost of the units, not to mention worktops, professional fitting plus necessary electrical and plumbing work, the final bill can reach…
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