Granite vs Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Which is Best?

Understanding the Key Differences Between These Two Popular Materials When it comes to kitchen decisions, nothing quite divides homeowners than the final choice of kitchen countertop - will it be granite or quartz? Various claims and counter-arguments will fly back and forth about which is best, vehemently stating the other is inferior when in actual…
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Inspiring Ideas for Single Walled Kitchens

How to make a narrow kitchen feel spacious and modern If your kitchen is particularly narrow, it may feel constricted and lacking in space, especially if units run along both walls, creating a cramped galley effect. Having a kitchen run along one wall instead, using every inch of space can be a great way to…
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8 Ways to Maximise Space in a Small Kitchen

How To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger The majority of homeowners in the UK know that space is at a premium in the kitchen. Whether an older Victorian terrace or a modern city apartment, square footage is squeezed to the max and invariably, the kitchen is the one area to suffer from a lack…
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New Kitchen vs Kitchen Transformation – Which is Best?

Weigh Up the Pro & Cons of Both Kitchen Options Everyone reaches a point when they realise their kitchen no longer works for them. In most cases, it’s outdated, tired looking or has simply become damaged through wear and tear over the years. The end conclusion tends to be - a new kitchen is needed.…
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